Halved & Quartered

Our sides and quarters offer bulk cost savings while allowing flexibility in how the animal will be prepared and used.

Primal Cuts

Our primal cuts are cut and packed to order. The primal cuts we have available are: round, loin, rib, chuck, plate, brisket, and foreshank. We have bundled these cuts into convenient variety boxes for your enjoyment!


We partner with butchers and small processors, teaming up to create some of the finest Colorado beef products available.

A Sustainable Colorado

Centennial Cuts is rooted in the Colorado tradition of ethically and sustainably raised beef. Our goal is to help develop a truly sustainable animal protein ecosystem in Colorado. To that end, our beef is sourced from cattle born on family owned dairies across the state. This relationship allows the dairy to focus on producing wholesome milk, while we focus on producing wholesome beef. Our vertically integrated model allows us to deliver you "Craft Beef and Artisanal Protein Products". The money we save on sales commissions and freight across the country by being vertically integrated (and locally produced) - we can spend on slowing the process down to deliver a high quality, Craft Beef we are sure you will enjoy!

Our Cuts